Rehab Jobs Pay and Benefits

Pay and Benefits for Rehab JobsOnward offers a competitive benefits plan that provides our local and travel rehab professionals with all of the "extras" they need and expect on a therapy job. We offer a comprehensive insurance package, lucrative bonus programs, and the highest possible rehab salaries based on your level of experience. In addition, we conform to all wage and hour overtime laws for healthcare professionals and pay time and a half for working holiday shifts. We also offer weekly payroll and direct deposit starting with your first paycheck (as long as you provide us with a voided check). Please read below for some of our additional benefits for rehab jobs.

Onward Bonus Program (Travel and Per Diem)

Onward Healthcare offers one of the most comprehensive bonus plans in the industry for allied health professionals, including up to $5,000 completion bonuses for select travel therapy assignments. These reward bonuses are paid upon the completion of your assignment and are detailed in your contract. We also offer renewal bonuses on select assignments of 13-weeks or longer. Bonus programs also exist for local rehab professionals working per diem shifts and full-time contracts.

Onward Loyalty Rewards (Travel)

In addition to sign-on and completion bonuses, we also offer annual bonuses to our rehab professionals. After one year of travel service, you get $1,000. Each subsequent year the bonus increases by $1,000 increments. For example, if you stay with Onward for two years, your bonus at the end of the second year is $2,000. This program is currently in place for up to three years and $3,000.

Onward Insurance Program (Travel and Per Diem)

Onward provides a free comprehensive health benefits package to all professionals working rehab jobs. As an Onward travel professional, your benefits include free medical and dental coverage, with optional coverage for your dependents available for a fee. In addition, we offer vision coverage for a small premium. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) and Professional Liability Insurance are also provided free of charge to ensure you are always covered. Local per diem rehab professionals can also qualify for free benefits based on their work schedule. Please contact your local recruiter or our benefits administrator for more information.

Onward Free Private Housing (Travel)

Onward offers free, private housing at some of the leading rental communities across the country for employees on travel rehab jobs. We employ an on-site housing team to ensure you receive quality furnished accommodations in amiable neighborhoods, close to your facility. In addition, you will receive a predetermined monthly stipend to supplant the cost of your utilities. If you elect not to utilize our housing, you will receive a generous monthly subsidy in addition to your standard pay.

Onward Travel Reimbursement (Travel)

Onward provides all of our travel rehab professionals with a generous tax-free travel allowance to get you to and from your new therapy assignment. Travel is reimbursed up to a designated amount that will be explained by your recruiter and defined in your travel assignment agreement. The money will be transferred to you via direct deposit along with your weekly pay.

Onward Retirement Benefits (Travel and Per Diem)

The Onward Healthcare 401k plan is available to our employees after the completion of 1000 hours of service (employment) within a 12-month period. Once you have met the required hours, you may enter the plan upon the next enrollment date.

Onward Refer-A-Friend Program (Travel and Per Diem)

Our Refer-A-Friend program is currently offering select rehab professionals up to $1000 for each referral of a professional who completes a 13-week assignment or longer. In addition, we are offering $500 for any open travel position you refer that results in the placement of an Onward Healthcare professional. Each bonus is payable upon completion of your referral's first assignment. For local per diem employees, a bonus will be awarded when the referred employee works eighty (80) hours with Onward Healthcare. In order to receive the reward, the new employee and the referring employee must be actively working.

Onward Licensure Assistance and Reimbursement (Travel)

Onward Healthcare provides a designated licensure reimbursement fee for each license you obtain and use to complete an assignment i that given state. In addition, our recruiters will assist you in obtaining the proper rehab licensure documentation by providing all information, including the requirements and length of time to gain valid licensure.

Onward Continuing Education (Travel and Per Diem)

Onward Healthcare maintains a program to help you enhance your credentials and education and keep up with technological and research advances in the healthcare field. For more information, please review the continuing education section of our website.

Onward 24-Hour Support (Travel and Per Diem)

Our personalized service means that we want to stay connected to you. Our customer support team is available to our rehab professionals 24/7, 365 days a year, with live telephone and email support. If you have a professional or clinical question on your assignment, Onward has representatives available to help address your questions/needs.

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