State-By-State Physical Therapist Salary Guide

You probably already know that traveling PTs make significantly more than their permanent-position counterparts -- but did you know just how much more they're making? In some cases, a physical therapist or PT assistant can make more than twice the salary they'd be making in a long-term position!

Below is the full scoop on the salaries for those working in physical therapy in the USA -- whether they're working as a traveler or not. If you're thinking of moving or working as a traveler, don't take a job without checking this out!

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Travel Rehab-Therapy Guide to Jobs and Careers

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Breakdown of a Traveling Physical Therapist's Salary

A physical therapist's salary can also vary by almost 50% from one state to the next, with salaries ranging from $52,023 in South Dakota to $75,913 in California. Similarly, a PT assistant working in Alabama ($30,150/year) can raise their salary above $95,000 by taking a travel position in Vermont.

US vacation destinations also tend to pay generously, with Hawaii offering travelers $109,980/year, Alaska offering $130,744/year, and California offering $124,696. However, when you balance the cost of living with the salary, perhaps the best-paying travel positions area Iowa and Minnesota, where travelers can earn $121,628/year and $123,084/year, respectively.

Travel PTs that work with agencies enjoy many intangibles, including free private housing, medical, dental, and life insurance, malpractice insurance, travel & licensure reimbursement, a 401(k), and continued employment services. They also enjoy the unique opportunity to work in a wide variety of work environments, picking up experience and training as they go.

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