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Travel Nursing Podcast

Travel Nursing Insider is the premier podcast for travel nurses looking to learn more about travel nursing jobs. Travel Nursing Insider offers the latest insight and advice from experts within the travel nursing industry. Download everything you ever wanted to know about travel nursing with this free podcast from Onward Healthcare. Listen live below or subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 15 - Exploring the Guide to Travel Nursing Jobs

In this episode of Travel Nursing Insider, we explore the latest addition to Onward Healthcare's growing list of resources, The Career Guide to Travel Nursing Jobs. Steve Dobrowski, Director of Corporate Marketing, offers insight on this valulable infographic that was designed to inform both current and prospective travel nurses about this exciting industry.

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Episode 14 - Top 5 Travel Nursing Specialties

Find out what the top 5 hottest specialties are in travel nursing with this episode of Onward Healthcare’s Travel Nursing Insider. Travel Nursing Director, Lindsay Francis, reveals the most in-demand specialties and how travel nurses can leverage this demand to land their dream assignments.

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Episode 13 - Job Fair Tips for Travel Nurses

Onward Healthcare's marketing director offers up advice to travel nurses on how to effectively navigate a career fair or exhibit hall at a national conference. Learn how to maximize your time spent, efficiently maneuver, and leave a lasting impression with those that you meet.

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Episode 12 - Travel Nursing Myths Part 2

In the second installment of the travel nursing Fact vs. Fiction podcast, the team focuses in on the role the traveler plays when selecting an assignment and how working as a travel nurse impacts your career goals.

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Episode 11 - Travel Nursing Myths Part 1

In the first installment of this two part podcast, two of Onward Healthcare’s travel nursing recruiters address some of the most common misconceptions about travel nursing and set the record straight on what’s fact and what’s fiction.

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Episode 10 - Social Media for Travel Nurses

Onward Healthcare's Marketing Director discusses the effect of social media in the travel nursing industry, including how these sites allow nurses to stay connected while on a travel nursing job and how they have changed the job search process for travel RNs.

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  • Episode 9 - Selecting a Travel Nursing Job
    Members of the Onward Healthcare travel nurse recruitment team offer tips and advice on how to select the travel nursing job that is right for you. They explain the differences between big city and small town assignments, as well as what to questions to ask your recruiter during the job search process.
  • Episode 8 - Travel Nurse Compliance
    The travel nursing compliance and credentialing process is broken down by a member of Onward Healthcare's quality management team. Find out what forms and certifications you need to start a travel nursing assignment.
  • Episode 7 - Renewing a Travel Nursing Assignment
    In this episode, the team explains how the travel nursing renewal process works, what happens to your benefits in between assignments, and how to schedule vacation time.
  • Episode 6 - Starting a Travel Nursing Job
    Now that you know everything you need to secure the travel nursing job you desire, the team at Onward Healthcare describes what to expect when starting a travel nurse assignment including the orientation process.
  • Episode 5 - Travel Nursing Pay and Benefits
    Learn about what happens after you accept a travel nursing assignment, including the paperwork and licensure process, as well as how you are paid and how you go about choosing your benefits package.
  • Episode 4 - Travel Nursing Interview Tips and Advice
    Learn about how the travel nurse interview process works, including what preparations an RN should take before hand, the questions to ask during the phone interview, and what steps to take once the interview is complete.
  • Episode 3 - Pursuing a Travel Nursing Job
    Members of the travel nursing recruitment team walk us through the process of what happens after you decide to apply to a travel nurse company, including what to expect from your travel nurse recruiter.
  • Episode 2 - How to Get Started in Travel Nursing
    Members of the travel nursing recruitment team continue their introduction to travel nursing, specifically how to get started in a travel nursing career and the importance of the online travel nursing application.
  • Episode 1 - Travel Nursing 101
    In our first episode of Travel Nursing Insider, members of our senior recruitment personnel offer an introduction to a career in travel nursing as well as what motivates nurses to travel.

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