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Onward Healthcare is the nation's leading provider of travel healthcare jobs throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We pride ourselves in providing industry leading salary and benefits and offering world class service to each of our professionals!

Featured Healthcare Jobs

Job Title / Date Posted Location
Registered Nurse - Telemetry
May 27, 2015
Abilene, Texas Quick Apply
Registered Nurse - Psychiatry
May 27, 2015
Quincy, Illinois Quick Apply
Registered Nurse - Peds Intensive Care Unit
May 27, 2015
Houston, Texas Quick Apply
Registered Nurse - Operating Room
May 27, 2015
Lincoln, Nebraska Quick Apply
Registered Nurse - Medical/Surgical
May 27, 2015
Pulaski, Virginia Quick Apply
Registered Nurse - Medical/Surgical
May 27, 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Quick Apply
Registered Nurse - Medical/Surgical
May 27, 2015
Bullhead City, Arizona Quick Apply
Registered Nurse - Medical/Surgical
May 27, 2015
Ardmore, Oklahoma Quick Apply

The jobs listed above are just a sampling of our current needs. Please contact us today to find out about ALL the healthcare positions available.

What Are Travel Healthcare Jobs?

Travel healthcare workers take on short-term healthcare assignments – most typically 13-week assignments, although 8-week assignments and longer 26-week positions are also available.

These opportunities generally require the professional to travel abroad to fulfill their obligations, relocating to locations that are facing a shortage for people with their particular area of expertise.

Individuals working in these positions are compensated for their work at a much higher rate than those in permanent positions. They also enjoy the unique opportunity to travel throughout the country, and make themselves more marketable by learning about medical technologies and current best practices in each area where they work.

Working With A Travel Healthcare Agency

Generally speaking, travel healthcare professionals will elect to work with a travel healthcare agency, such as Onward Healthcare. These agencies work as intermediaries between the professionals and facilities, connecting the most qualified applicants with the best positions available.

The agency also acts as an advocate for the travel nurse, and becomes their employer -- the hospital pays the agency, and the agency pays the travel nurse and provides their benefits.

The agency will provide consistent pay (medical facilities may delay paychecks by weeks), and will generally also provide services like consultations regarding state certification requirements, housing arrangements, health insurance, medical malpractice insurances, and much more.

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Applying For Employment With Onward Healthcare

Starting your first position with Onward Healthcare begins with a conversation with one of our recruiters, who can be contacted through our online application, or by phone at 800.278.0332. You can also browse our job listings, and see if anything catches your eye.

Our agents will gather information about your job preferences and qualifications, and can answer any questions you have as they guide you through the hiring process. Then, we'll leverage our relationship with hundreds of healthcare facilities throughout the nation to find the best fit available for your qualifications and preferences. Our specialists look forward to helping you!

Travel Healthcare Jobs Provided by Onward

Onward Healthcare specializes in travel healthcare positions, including the following:

Our sister company, Onward MD, specializes in locum tenens jobs such as:

Both Onward Healthcare and Onward MD has offices located throughout the United States, and prides itself on being a leading agency in their specialty areas.

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