travel nursing mythsTravel Nursing Myths

As the travel nursing industry continues to flourish, so do the myths that surround it. Learn the truth behind travel nursing's most common misconceptions.

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Recently Posted Jobs

SpecialtyLocationWeekly Pay
MS MA $4,204*
MS MA $4,204*
OR MA $1,385*
ICU MA $2,920*
SpecialtyLocationPay Rate
MS MA $4,204*
MS MA $4,204*
OR MA $1,385*
ICU MA $2,920*
Endoscopy CA $3,732*
PICU OR $1,611*
Telemetry CA $2,024*
Telemetry CA $2,024*
Telemetry TX $2,147*
OR PA $2,680*
OR PA $3,730*
Pre/Post Op CA $2,195*
ICU CA $3,732*
Telemetry MA $2,920*
MS GA $1,458*
ER CA $5,443*
OR MA $1,812*
OR CA $2,239*
ER WA $4,049*
ICU ME $1,690*

*Combination of taxable and non-taxable earnings and reimbursements, excluding housing.

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