CNO Academies

A three-day educational academy designed for aspiring CNOs and nurse leaders with less than 3 or more years of experience. Receive valuable insight, advice, and proven strategies on how to measure effectiveness within your organization, communicate productively and build strong relationships. Meet other attendees and advisors who will serve as your new professional network that you can confide in for guidance and support.

Join us this Fall!

Three-Day Leadership Event

Have you thought about transitioning to a CNO leadership position but would like to learn more about the skills and competencies you’ll need to be successful? If so, our 3-day event will help you jumpstart your journey to a new position.

Topics covered in this event include:

  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Leading Culture Changes
  • DEI and Health Inequities
  • The New Normal in Nursing, Resilience & Agility
  • Leading from the Heart
  • Emotional Intelligence & much more

The Executive Nurse Retreat

Your role as a CNO is key in solving complex challenges and emerging changes in the delivery of healthcare. To learn what other leaders in positions like yours are experiencing and feeling, join us for a 3-day CNO event that will explore the workforce, new innovations, new models of care, and DEIB. Through presentations of case studies and real-life challenges, we’ll discuss vulnerability and moral courage while networking and learning together.