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Travel Nursing Locations

We’re hiring RNs to work in travel nursing locations throughout the United States. Our travel nursing assignments are generally 13 weeks in duration, and are offered in all 50 states. And, thanks to our status as a company of AMN Healthcare, we have exclusive jobs you won’t find with other nursing agencies.

So, what travel nursing location will you choose?

Travel Nursing Location: California

When it comes to the sheer amount of RN jobs, California is the clear winner, with 25 percent more jobs than second-place Texas. Travel nurses in California can expect higher wages, too — when the Bureau of Labor Statistics compiled a list of the 10 top-paying U.S. metropolitan locations for RNs, all 10 were in California. (And so were the top three non-metropolitan areas.)
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Travel Nursing Location: New York City

The cost of living is sky high, but wages for nurses in New York City are also comparatively high, and the city offers some of the most renowned healthcare facilities in the country. That makes NYC ideal for travel nursing employment — a chance to take in the one-of-a-kind bustle and glamour of the Big Apple on a temporary basis.
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Travel Nursing Location: Texas

Warm weather, a low cost of living, and lots and lots of nursing jobs — there’s a lot to like about Texas as a travel nursing location. Nurses are always in demand in big cities like Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only California has higher levels of nursing employment than the Lone Star State.
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Travel Nursing Location: Pennsylvania

Scrubs magazine picks Pennsylvania as one of the three best travel nursing locations for RNs, explaining that the Keystone State has “a low crime rate, a low unemployment rate and a government that focuses on providing excellent healthcare and a wide range of programs and services to make life easy, enjoyable and affordable.”
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Travel Nursing Location: Maryland

Maryland offers the best of both worlds — comfortable country living, and exciting urban life. From its beautiful shoreline and rugged mountains, to the cosmopolitan sophistication of cities like Annapolis, Baltimore and the D.C. suburbs, Maryland offers all kinds of great attractions.

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Travel Nursing Location: Florida

Florida isn't called the "Sunshine State" for nothing! Its glorious year-round weather and cheerful attitude make the state a haven for both visitors and new residents year-round. 

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Travel Nursing Location: Hawaii

One visit to Hawaii and you'll quickly understand why people return year after year to experience these beautiful islands. From the natural wonders that grace this pristine land to its rich cultural history and traditions, the Aloha State truly is an earthly paradise.

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What’s Your Next Travel Nursing Location?

Whether you choose California, New York, Texas, or any point in between, you’ll find your best travel nursing opportunity at Onward Healthcare.
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