3 Reasons to Consider New York State for Your Next Travel Nursing Job

travel nursing jobs new yorkBy Paige Byrd

Travel nursing jobs in New York State offer a variety of benefits and opportunities. 

Although the state may attract people to the city, there are an abundance of activities across the state. 

In addition to quaint towns and unique cities, New York State is home to multiple world-renowned medical facilities. 

What’s more, the travel nursing jobs in the state offer a unique set of benefits that can't be passed up. 

Below are three reasons why you should consider New York State for your next travel nursing destination. 

Travel Nurse Jobs in New York: 3 Reasons to Book Now 

1. Outdoor Travel Destinations

There are many different adventures to be found outside the big city while on assignment as a travel nurse in New York

Although the city is what attracts people to the state, there are countess outdoor activities across the region. 

  • Niagara Falls: Experience a natural wonder of the world and scenic terrain at Niagara Falls. The state park offers hiking trails, caves and orchards to explore.
  • Albany State Capitol: Not only is Albany home to New York's state capital, the town offers various activities such as golf, skiing, nature parks and more. There is always something to do in Albany.
  • Adirondack Mountains: Home to beautiful mountains, lakes, valleys and cliffs, the Adirondack Mountains is the perfect outdoor adventure. The region offers a variety of activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking and canoeing.
  • Hudson River: The Hudson River stretches across the state and offers many activities and water sports. Take a river boat down to Manhattan or relax on the bank fishing.

2. Top-Ranked Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

New York is home to multiple top-ranked medical facilities, including Magnet hospitals and teaching facilities.

These facilities are consistently recognized as leaders in innovation, research and education. 

By taking a travel nursing job in New York, you will have an opportunity to work alongside distinguished medical professionals. 

Working with top talent and technology will help build experience and skills to set you up for future career opportunities. 

3. Travel Nursing Benefits

When you take a travel nursing job in New York, you will get access to Onward Healthcare’s top benefits package, which includes the following items:

  • Health Insurance: Access to medical, dental and vision insurance as well as other benefits. Plus, you may take up to 30 days off between assignments and still maintain your health benefits.
  • Salary and Incentives: Increase your travel nursing salary by taking advantage of addition ways to earn money, such as our Referral Program, My Time Bonus and completion/onboarding bonuses.
  • Free Housing: Get access to safe, comfortable housing options. Or you can choose your own housing using the generous housing subsidy provided.


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