Meet Sarah Jaskulski: Clinical Manager Talks About How Nurses Inspire Her

Sarah J Clinical ManagerBy Jennifer Larson, contributor

In celebration of National Nurses Week 2018, we spoke with our team members about why they love working with travel nurses and how nurses inspire them. 

When Sarah Jaskulski, BSN, RN, answers the phone, the caller can count on something: Jaskulski will listen to them.

Jaskulski is a clinical manager for AMN Healthcare. Her job is to support nurses so that they can do the best possible job of caring for patients. When nurses call her with a question about their work situation or a request for her feedback, she’s there for them. 

“My first client is my nurse,” she said. “I want to listen to their situation.” 

And if they call with a concern or a problem, Jaskulski always hears them out. She listens to them, validates any concerns they have and reassures them that she will do her best to help them out. When necessary, she contacts the appropriate personnel at their facilities and tries to find a solution. 

She’s a listening ear, a sounding board and a voice of reason.

Childhood Dreams of Being a Nurse

One thing that’s important to remember about Jaskulski and why she’s so committed to the nurses who are her clients: she’s a nurse herself. 

“I always wanted to be a nurse,” she said. “When I was a little girl, I used to carry around a first aid kit and put band-aids on everybody and fix all their boo-boos.” 

As a high school student, Jaskulski volunteered as a film librarian in the radiology department in the hospital in her hometown of Towson, Maryland. 

Then she moved up to a position as a registrar. She was the youngest person ever hired by the hospital. Then she became a nursing tech. It was the natural next step for her to go to nursing school. 

Her own clinical background comes in handy when she’s asked to weigh in on a tricky clinical situation, but it also helps her think quickly when it’s time to make a fast decision and solve a problem. 

As she likes to describe herself, she likes to prevent fires, but she’s also good at putting out fires. 

Jaskulski is very deliberate about making sure that nurses and their assignments are well-suited to each other. For example, AMN works with a hospital that cares for patients from all over the world, many of whom have orthopedics issues. 

Nurses who want to work there need to have a strong background in orthopedics because the hospital will expect them to have that experience. 

She has encouraged some nurses to consider working elsewhere to gain that experience first before asking for an assignment there. 

“I want to set you up for success and not for failure, so I want to make sure you have the training you need before you go there,” she has told nurses in the past. 

Sometimes a nurse is disappointed in her response, but ultimately, they understand that she makes her decisions for good reasons. 

She said, “They appreciate that I’m looking out for them and their bests interests, rather than just throwing them out there and seeing what works.”

And it’s all because she cares so much about nurses. “I think nurses are superheroes,” she said. “They put their own blood, sweat, and tears into taking care of every patient they have.”

A Warm Welcome

Jaskulski also enjoys working in tandem with her colleagues at AMN, but she really loves the chance to interact with nurses. She enjoys their empathy for others, their ability to make a difference. 

“Nurses have an inherent need to care for people,” she said. “They care so deeply about their patients, about the care they provide for them. I love hearing from a nurse who tells me about how their patients love them and they’ve gotten all these thank you letters.” 

And that’s why she pours the same energy she always put into caring for patients into her clients. 

“I feel like nurses are my patients now,” she said. “Rather than caring for patients at the bedside, I’m caring for my travelers, or I’m caring for my per diem nurses. I’m caring for them.”


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