Onward Healthcare Accepts the Nightingale Challenge – Year of the Nurse

Join Onward Healthcare in Honoring NursesThe World Health Organization (WHO) wants all Healthcare Organizations to recognize and celebrate the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife by offering more to nurses. Onward Healthcare is proud to accept the Nightingale Challenge in 2020 proposed by the global international council of nurses at Nursing Now.

Onward Healthcare has dedicated the entire year of 2020 to Year of the Nurse. The team at Onward Healthcare strives to spread the importance of nurses in our healthcare system and educate those who are aspiring to become a nurse by providing additional education opportunities to our traveling nurses.

How Will Onward Healthcare Help?

Onward Healthcare unreservedly donated to the Nursing Now initiative in honor of nurses and midwives. At Onward Healthcare, we believe in all the good that our nurses do for those in need. This year, on Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday, we are dedicated to showing the world how innovative, compassionate, and hardworking our nurses are.

How Can I Help?

We challenge others, whether you’re a healthcare organization or not, to embrace the Nightingale Challenge and support local and international nurses. As the nursing shortage continues to grow, and the need for nurses continues to rise, there is no better time for society to recognize the good in our nursing staff. This is the year to shed light on those who deserve recognition. 

For further information about Year of the Nurse, highlights of our travelers and fun giveaways, please follow @amntraveler on social media. #YearoftheNurse

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