The Top Five States for New Grad Nurse Jobs

New_Grad_Nurse_JobsBy Allan Robinson

Looking for a new grad nurse job? Do you know which state you’re most likely to get hired in?

A new grad nurse has historically been able to find employment in the United States, especially given massive RN shortages in recent years — although that shortage may be easing in some states. 

A 2017 study from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) shows that fewer states have a nursing shortage compared to 2015, especially for RNs. However, some states still need many more nurses than are currently available.

Top 5 States for a New Grad Nurse

1. California

California currently has the most severe nursing shortage in the United States. The passage of the California Nurse Education Initiative in 2011 provided $90 million in funding to improve the Golden State’s nursing shortage for a new grad nurse.

The average annual salary for RNs in California is $101,260, with an average hourly rate of $48.30. The 2017 HRSA report projects an availability of 343,000 nurses and a demand for 387,900 nurses in California by 2030, resulting in an expected shortage of 44,500 nurses.

2. Texas

The Texas Health Care Association is reporting a nursing shortage in Texas that affects more than 3,000 nursing homes, according to East Texas Matters

The expected number of nurses in Texas will be 253,400 by 2030, with a projected demand for 269,300 nurses. A new grad nurse in Texas can therefore expect about 15,900 jobs in 2030.

3. New Jersey

Healthcare advocates in New Jersey claim that years of neglect have resulting in a nursing crisis, according to Fox News. They're calling on Gov. Chris Christie to provide new grad nurses with more employment opportunities. 

The availability of nurses is expected to be 90,800 in New Jersey by 2030, with a demand of 102,200. This difference will result in a shortage of 11,400 nurses. The average annual salary for RNs in New Jersey is $79,840.

4. South Carolina

WRDW reports that the demand for nurses in South Carolina is expected to outpace supply, primarily due to the aging population. A new grad nurse should find more opportunities in that state, where the demand for nurses is expected to 62,500 by 2030. 

The availability of nurses is projected to be only 52,100 by 2030, resulting in a shortage of 10,400 RNs. The average annual salary for RNs in South Carolina is $61,110, with an average hourly rate of $29.32.

5. Alaska

Alaska has always experienced difficulties in attracting new nurse grads, but its shortage of experienced specialty nurses is especially acute. 

The demand for nurses in Alaska will be about 23,800 by 2030, which will be about 5,400 more than the available supply of nurses.


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