Should Travel Nurses Ever Date Doctors?

Workplace romance is a hot topic that has been causing headaches for companies for years. Everyone dreams of falling in love with their handsome or beautiful colleague on the job, but more often than not, these short-lived romances end in heartbreak, embarrassment, and horribly awkward work --for everyone. And it’s no different in hospitals.
Each hospital and facility has different policies about dating in the workplace, which are clearly outlined in employee handbooks. Travel nurses need to make sure they understand the rules of their facility when they start an assignment so they don’t accidentally cross a line that they weren’t aware existed.

Relationships in the Workplace

For travel nurses and healthcare staff, long hours and extreme situations can lead to close and intense relationships. Doctors and nurses working side by side in the OR might experience chemistry that is undeniable and the temptation might take hold. After all, you’re away from home and on your own, and you might be craving a bit of TLC. A bit of harmless flirtation might seem innocent enough in the moment, but travel nurses need to be aware that their conduct could impact their chances of being asked to extend their assignment or return to that facility.

In the hospital environment, travel nurses may date other travel nurses, EMTs, or other hospital staff, yet, when it comes to dating doctors, it’s best to not get involved. Why? Relationships between doctors and nurses are scrutinized more closely than other relationships--especially if you’re dating a doctor within the same unit. Engaging in nurse/doctor romance can lead to drama in the workplace, gossip between coworkers and unhappy supervisors. It’s best to use common sense and avoid the temptation of brief encounters that could follow you around throughout your career.

Protect Your Career and Reputation

Travel nurses can and do find love while on assignment--often with fellow travel nurses or singletons, they meet while exploring their new surroundings. Hugs produce happy hormones, and studies have shown that an increase in serotonin levels may help fight off heart disease. Being in love also reduces the heart rate, increases strength, can lead to a longer life, and might help fight cancer. With all of its health benefits, we’re definitely fans of love! Just not short-lived flings that could cause you more harm than good.

Patient Care Comes First

Travel nurses are compassionate human beings who strongly value the well-being, safety, and health of others. Patient care should always come first. There will always be room for love--outside the workplace.

One of the greatest benefits of being a travel nurse is the ability to stay out of office politics, so it’s best not to create any drama of your own. Your best bet? Enjoy your new friendships and the adventure of travel nursing and steer clear of dating doctors. Patients, hospital staff, other nurses, and doctors will be appreciative and thankful--and you’ll soar in your career as a travel nurse.

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