Why Travel Nurses And Soldiers Get Along So Well

Travel nurses at Onward Healthcare travel year-round depending on where they choose their travel nurse assignments. Soldiers also travel year-round depending on where their assignments take them. Travel nurses and soldiers share similar lifestyles, from values and ethics to lifestyles and hobbies. Let’s take a look at the things they have in comm

Travel nurses and soldiers share similar lifestyles, from values and ethics to lifestyles and hobbies.

Why Travel Nurses and Solider Get Along

Shared Personality Traits and Life Skills

Travel nurses and soldiers have specialized jobs that require them to be compassionate, strong, flexible, loyal, adaptable, respectful, and courageous. These skills are not only important to have for their careers, but they are also essential to help them throughout their day-to-day responsibilities. Travel nurses and soldiers also share similar personality traits and life skills:

• Respect: They treat all people equally, regardless of their nationality, race, creed, culture, gender, politics, or social status. They respect and honor people and care for them equally. They protect and respect human rights, values, and spiritual beliefs.
• Adaptable: There are extreme scenarios and situations where they must be confident, informed and educated at a moment’s notice. Travelers and soldiers must be able to adapt to new situations quickly and easily. This is vital to their careers, and they spent years preparing for this.
• Loyalty: They devote themselves and their passions to those they are serving. They support the leadership, principles, rules, and guidelines in any given situation and environment. They remain committed to and passionate about being part of a team.
• Courage: They face fear, danger, and adversity every day. They have physically demanding professions and risk their own personal safety. Being courageous helps them to endure the physical demands and safety while on the job.
• Integrity: They are personally responsible for others and maintain standards, ethics, and values when accepting assignments. They also maintain the highest standards of professional conduct both professionally and personally.
• Dependable: Other people depend on travel nurses and soldiers in times of need. During these times, it is crucial for them to be respectful, adaptable, loyal, courageous, and educated.
• Patience: When faced with a variety of stressful situations, patience is essential to help travel nurses and soldiers stay relaxed, focused, and calm. When they are relaxed, focused, and calm, travel nurses and soldiers are more effective and efficient with day-to-day responsibilities and challenges.
• Commitment: Travel nurses and soldiers have an extremely strong sense of commitment to their co-workers, friends, and family. With commitment comes loyalty, honesty, and integrity.

Sharing the Same Hobbies

While on assignment, travel nurses and soldiers have plenty of free time to spend with friends and family. They share similar hobbies, including biking, hiking, surfing, running, and extreme sports. Travel nurses and soldiers are also continually strengthening themselves, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Whether they are taking continuing education courses, taking training courses, learning new skills, experiencing new situations, or maintaining healthy lifestyles, travelers and soldiers have lots in common!

For travel nurses and soldiers that are in a relationship, they can travel together and make the most of their time while on assignment. When the soldier in your life has to travel, get an Onward Healthcare travel nursing job, and you’ll both be in the same state. Now is the time to advance your career, and travel to where you are needed!

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