5 Factors To Consider Before Deciding On Your Next Travel Nursing Location

As a travel nurse, you gain the opportunity to explore new travel nursing locations in exciting new places, enjoy unique experiences and meet new people. All these things are exciting and add to your quality of life by creating the chance to see more of the country. In addition to choosing a job in an area of the country that interests you, consider factors like cost of living, local activities and the crime rate that will have an impact on your lifestyle when you get your next job.

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1. Local transportation options

Things to consider about transportation when choosing a travel nursing location for your next assignment include whether you would drive, take public transportation or walk to get around.

If you want to drive, you need to know how heavy traffic is, road conditions and how long your current driver's license will be acceptable in your new location. You may also want to determine the procedure for getting a driver's license in areas you're considering if your current one is close to its expiration date.

Things to consider about taking public transportation include the proximity of bus, subway or train stops to where you plan to work, shopping centers and where you plan to live while on assignment.

If you plan to walk, focus on safety. Make sure there are safe places to walk without being in danger from traffic or strolling through high-crime areas.

2. Crime rates

When you're choosing between multiple travel nursing locations, crime rates can be an important consideration. Areas with a low crime rate help you stay safe and tend to provide a healthier lifestyle and have more positive things happening. Check the overall crime rate for an area, and look for information about the specific types of crime that are common in the areas you're considering.

3. Climate

Considering travel nurse positions in different areas of the country lets you choose to work in an area that has the type of climate you prefer. Whether you prefer the chilly winters of a northern climate or the toasty warmth of a tropical setting, you can find jobs in locations that deliver the kind of weather that makes you comfortable and content. Average humidity and precipitation are other climate-related considerations that may affect your experience in a given location.v

4. Cost of living

The housing per diem or available housing option you get when you work as a travel nurse reduces the impact of most cost of living considerations. However, there are still considerations linked to living costs, such as the cost of food, clothing and transportation. Taxes you have to pay and your own healthcare costs are other things that are regionally linked to the cost of living and that you may want to consider when looking at new locations for assignments.

5. Parks, the arts and cultural attractions

Working as a traveling nurse is a great way to explore the country, and gaining the opportunity to check out interesting cultural venues is a big advantage of the lifestyle. You won't be spending every moment at work so check to see what kind of attractions are in or near locations you're considering. Things like parks where you can enjoy nature, theaters for enjoying plays and movies and museums for topics that interest you add to your experience in a new city.

Choosing a new travel nursing location is exciting, and it lets you visit the places you've always wanted to go. When you spend a little extra time learning about an area, it helps you be certain of finding a place to work that's safe, interesting and aligned with your personal travel and career goals.

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