The Top Facts About Continuing Education for Travel Nurses


Onward Healthcare travel nurses have access to free online CE courses, so they can continue their education from wherever their travels take them.

By Andrya Feinberg, contributor

It’s a fact: nursing career development is an essential part of the future for travel nurses. The healthcare field is changing and progressing rapidly, and there are more demands being placed on RNs than ever. New research, technology and government policies mean that nurses have to constantly strive to stay on top of their game.

Working as a travel nurse makes it easy to keep up with education requirements and Onward Healthcare provides support and resources to help determine what is needed for Continuing Education Units (CE or CEUs) or a BSN. Each Onward nurse is eligible to take nationally accredited online CE courses at no cost via our partner,, which offers an extensive course catalog of nurse continuing education opportunities, core competency modules and state-required course work.

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Importance of Continuing Education and a BSN for Travel Nurses

There are many reasons for travel nurses to get CEUs or a BSN. As new and improved procedures, treatments, medications, and technologies are introduced in the healthcare industry, knowledge and information is quickly outdated. Travelers must keep up with the most current facts, data, protocol, and techniques, and knowledge is needed to update skills and advance careers to the next level.

Travel nurses with BSN degrees are better prepared to meet the demands placed on nurses today. BSN nurses have the skills in high demand, including critical thinking, leadership, case management, and nursing management. Today’s nurses are at the forefront of care coordination and prevention, and are often called upon to take part in improving the quality, safety, and effectiveness of patient care.

Due to the continuing evolution of healthcare, hospitals today are now requiring registered nurses with an Associate’s Degree to attain an RN to a BSN degree. Nurses are required to successfully complete a number of CE hours within a specific time frame to maintain and renew state licensure. It is different from state to state; however, the nursing industry is expected to grow faster than the average occupation through 2022. This is due to a number of contributing factors, including healthcare reform, insurance reforms, higher demands for surgeries and treatments, and better access to medical care.

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With such a rapidly changing environment, travel nurses need to stay on top of their education game to remain competitive. Onward Healthcare travel nurses have the benefit of continuing their education through, while they’re earning great pay, traveling the country and continuing to serve the ever-changing needs of the community.

Now is the time to get the skills and education to advance your career. Find your dream travel nursing job at Onward Healthcare, and go to where you are needed!

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