Why Travel?

The Benefits of Travel Nursing

What are the benefits of travel nursing? Why should you pursue a travel nursing assignment?

Travel Nursing Benefits from Onward Healthcare

Tour the United States. For some people, the “travel” part of travel nursing is enough to trigger a sense of excitement. Sunny beaches, bustling cities, rustic mountain resort towns — it’s easy to understand the appeal of spending 13 weeks in the American destination of your choice.

Money in the Bank. If the prospect of living in exciting destinations from coast to coast across the U.S. doesn’t entice you, then consider this: Thanks to high demand, travel nurses earn competitive pay and perks, such as free private housing and travel reimbursement.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunities. Travel nursing is also the perfect way to build nursing career experience with unique jobs in a wide variety of practice settings. Take the opportunity to learn new nursing skills and give yourself the advantage of experience.

You’re in Control. You're also in greater control of your nursing career, free to explore a new destination every few months, and take as much time as need between assignments, to focus on you. Set your own schedule and rejuvenate between travel nursing assignments.

Travel-free Travel Nursing. Want to stay close to home? Travel nursing doesn’t always mean you have to uproot. Search for local travel jobs in cities near you. We’ve also got local per-diem assignments in your own backyard via our sister company, Nursefinders.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to travel nursing than just traveling. And when you travel with Onward, you’ll have your own dedicated recruiter who’s standing by and ready to help out at any time.

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