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It's Time You Earned More!

Onward Healthcare is pleased to offer a travel nurse bonus for all of our travelers. You will receive a $100 bonus for every additional 10 hours you work above your monthly regularly scheduled shifts, paid out the following month, after hours have been received and calculated. The earning potential is almost unlimited.

Note: You must reach a minimum of 34.5 regular hours worked to be eligible.

  • If you work an additional
  • 10 hours in the month = $100 bonus
  • 20 hours in the month = $200 bonus
  • 30 hours in the month = $300 bonus
  • And so on!

Time Bonus Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still take part in other promotions?

Possibly not.  If you are participating in any other promotion you may not be eligible for the my time bonus.

Do I have to work all 10 hours at one time?

No. Additional hours are accumulated over the course of the “month.”  Your hours will reset monthly so be proactive in the beginning of the month to ask for hours, and then you may want to offer to pick up extra shifts throughout each week.  Serve your facility and patients by being willing to stay an extra hour or two in a day, as well as volunteer to work extra shifts.

Do on-call hours count toward the bonus?

No. Only facility call back or other hours worked on site will count towards your Onward Time Bonus.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are new to the company, apply with Onward Healthcare.  Otherwise, there is no need to enroll. Click on the link below to receive more information or contact your recruiter for more details. Then, talk to your nurse manager or supervisor and ask to work a few extra hours after your regularly scheduled shifts. Call your recruiter to see how he or she can help you have the conversation with your nurse manager.

How is a month calculated?

A month is based on your pay cycles that fall within the calendar month. Please contact your recruiter directly to find out your eligible dates.

How long does this promotion last?

It will last throughout your placement.

I work five 8-hour shifts per week. Getting extra shifts will be difficult. What can I do?

You can volunteer (or ask) for opportunities to work extra hours before or after your shift. The hours are combined over the course of the “month” and can easily qualify them for a bonus!

Is there a cap on how much I can earn?

No! 10 extra hours equals $100 bonus, 20 extra hours equals a $200 bonus, and so on.

Is this only for RNs or do Surgical Techs qualify?

All Clinicians are eligible, regardless of location, discipline, or specialty.  Plus, nurses with any of AMN Healthcare’s Travel Nursing brands are eligible!

Will I still earn accumulated shifts if I work overtime and receive the Onward Time Bonus?


Any other questions about Onward’s travel nurse bonus program? Reach out to your recruiter today, or contact us here.

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