Travel Nursing for Recent Graduates

Yes, travel nursing for recent nursing graduates is possible. In fact, there has never been a better time for early career nurses to try travel nursing!  If you have at least 6–9 months of experience in your specialty, our Onward Healthcare recruiters are ready to get you started in a travel nursing career.

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The Travel Program for Early Career Nurses

The experts at Onward Healthcare, an AMN Healthcare company, have created a special program for new graduate nurses who have less than a year of experience and want to grow their nursing careers as a travel nurse. Our recruiters and clinical professionals work with the hiring facilities to ensure each nurse’s success. 

  • It starts with our career professionals. Your Onward Healthcare recruiter has the expertise to find the assignment that best matches your skills and your career goals.
  • We give you more time. New nurses can benefit from travel assignments that are longer than the traditional 13 weeks. That’s why many of our employers offer longer assignments to provide an extended orientation period and more continuity as you build your professional résumé. 
  • Get oriented, not overwhelmed. A slightly longer orientation allows early career nurses to assimilate to an organization, learn proper procedures and become experienced at providing excellent patient care. The orientations for new nurses start with just one or two units; after a few weeks of experience, the nurse may be oriented to additional units.
  • Rest assured with dedicated clinical support. Our early career travel nurses are assigned to a nurse preceptor or mentor  at the beginning of their assignment; these staff nurses will help you get acclimated to the facility and provide support. A clinical manager from Onward will also be available to answer questions or concerns and provide support throughout your assignment.

What new nurses love about our Early in Career Program:

  • Career guidance and job placement from Onward’s experienced recruiters
  • The chance see new locations and try new things—while growing personally and professionally
  • Our travel nurse jobs include free housing, excellent compensation and a full array of benefits
  • Onward’s connections help new nurses gain experience in top facilities across the country
  • The chance to learn best practices and skills that improve future hiring prospects
  • Are you ready to advance your nursing career as a travel nurse? 

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