• Florida Nursing License, Renewal and Verification Information

    Looking to obtain a Florida nursing license? Below is everything you need to know about getting your Florida nursing license as well as information related to the Florida nursing license renewal and verification process.

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    How to Get Your Florida Nursing License

    Obtaining your Florida nursing license can be a long and complex process if you’re not well prepared. Below are some important things to keep in mind when getting your Florida nursing license:

    • If you’re applying for a Florida nursing license via examination, you must be a graduate of a Florida state-approved or accredited nursing program.
    • Individuals applying for Florida nursing license via examination must pass the NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® Examination to acquire a nursing license. There is a $110 application and licensing fee issued to the Board of Nursing.
    • Individuals are eligible for their Florida nursing license via endorsement if they hold a valid license in another state, have completed the NCLEX, or have actively practiced nursing for three years without having any strikes against their license.

    Florida Nursing License Renewal

    Looking for information on the Florida nursing license renewal process? Florida RNs are required to renew their Florida nursing license biennially to uphold the right to practice legally.

    In order to complete the Florida nursing license renewal process, RNs must to do the following:

    • Complete CE requirements. CE requirements vary depending on when an individual’s nursing license was issued. For more information on CEU requirements, click here.
    • Submit the renewal application
    • Provide required fees

    Florida Nursing License Verification

    If you are an out-of-state nurse applying for a Florida nursing license via endorsement, you can go to Nursys.com. When on the website, go to the Nursys Licensure Verification tab, which is an online service where you can request a secure Florida nursing license verification.

    Additional Links and Resources:

    Florida Board of Nursing:

    Department of Health Board of Nursing

    4052 Bald Cypress Way

    Bin C-02 

    Tallahassee, FL 32399-3252

    Website: http://floridasnursing.gov/

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