• Indiana Nurse License, Renewal and Verification Information

    Need to get your Indiana nursing license? Below is a guide to getting your Indiana nursing license as well as information pertaining to Indiana nursing license renewal and verification. 

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    How to Get Your Indiana Nursing License 

    Getting your Indiana nurse license can be a complex and long process. Below are some tips to help get you started. 

    • If you’re applying for an Indiana nurse license by examination, you must complete two types of applications; the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin and the Indiana licensure application.
    • In addition, you must successfully pass the NCLEX exam as well as graduate from an accredited nursing school approved by the Indiana Board of Nursing.
    • RNs who apply for an Indiana nursing license via endorsement are eligible for a temporary permit once all required applications and fees are complete.

    Indiana Nursing License Renewal

    Need to get your Indiana nursing license renewed? Check out some quick tips about the Indiana nursing license renewal process below.

    • Indiana nurse licenses expire on October 31st of even-numbered years. The renewal fee is $50; however if you fail to renew by the given expiration date, you’ll be charged an additional $50.
    • Be sure to keep your current address on file with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, as your notification for renewal will be sent via email and/or address.
    • To complete the Indiana nursing license renewal process online, head over to PLA Online Services here.

    Indiana Nursing License Verification

    The verification of RN licenses are issued through the NURSYS verification process, which is provided by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Go to the NURSYS website, then navigate to the QuickConfirm License Verification or Nurse License Verification for Endorsement tabs. 

    Additional Information and Links

    Professional Licensing Agency

    402 West Washington Street

    Room W072

    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Websites: http://www.in.gov/pla/nursing.htm 

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