• Ohio Nurse License, Verification and Renewal Information

    Need information on obtaining your Ohio nurse license? Below is everything you need to know about getting your Ohio nurse license, plus information on Ohio nurse license verification and Ohio nursing license renewal. 

    Looking for guidance on obtaining your Ohio nursing license? Onward Healthcare’s nursing licensure experts will walk you through the Ohio nurse license process.

    How to Get Your Ohio Nurse License 

    When obtaining your Ohio nurse license, keep the following information and requirements in mind:

    • Nurses applying for an Ohio nurse license via examination must complete a nursing program that’s approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing, in addition to successfully passing the NCLEX-RN examination.
    • RNs must submit all Ohio nurse licensure and certificate applications online via the Ohio Board of Nursing’s website, eLicense.Ohio.gov.
    • To apply for your Ohio nursing license via endorsement, you must complete the endorsement application as well as submit criminal records check. The fee for application is $75.

    Ohio Nurse License Renewal

    Looking for information on the Ohio nurse license renewal process? Here are some helpful tips: 

    • Due to recent changes in Ohio Law, if you hold an active RN license in Ohio, your current license is now legally valid through October 31, 2017.
    • Ohio nursing licenses renew every two years, with a renewal fee of $65. To renew your Ohio nurse license, RNs must complete at least 24 CE hours.

    Ohio Nurse License Verification

    For information pertaining to your Ohio nurse license verification, go to the eLicense Center website or contact the Ohio Board of Nursing directly. If you’re out-of-state, you can request license verification via the Nursys website.

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