• Oregon Nursing License, Verification and Renewal Facts

    Need information on how to get your Oregon license? 

    Before you begin the process, below are some facts on how to get your Oregon license as well as information regarding the Oregon nursing license verification and renewal processes. 

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    How to Get Your Oregon Nursing License

    Below are some help facts you need to know before getting started on the Oregon nursing license application process:

    • Oregon nursing licensure by endorsement is $195
    • Oregon nursing licensure by exam is $160
    • Individuals must pass the NCLEX examination if they are applying for licensure by examination
    • Licensure by exam is completed online via the Oregon State Board of Nursing website if you are U.S. based and via paper if you are not U.S. based
    • Licensure by endorsement can only be completed online via the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

    Oregon License Verification Facts 

    What is the Oregon nursing license verification process?

    You can easily verify your license online via the Application Status Wizard here. 

    If you need to verify your nursing license with another state, you can do so on Nursys

    Oregon Nursing License Renewal Facts 

    Below is what you need to know about Oregon nursing license renewals:

    • You can renew your Oregon RN license online. Click here to start the Oregon nursing license renewal process.
    • Renewing  your Oregon RN license costs $145
    • There is a $100 late fee if you renew your license past the due date
    • An Oregon nursing license lasts two years
    • You must renew your license on or before your birthday on an odd or even year depending on what year you were born
    • The first time you get your license it lasts only until your birthday on an even or odd year, so the license can expire only a few months after you get your initial license
    • To qualify for the Oregon nursing license renewal, you must practice 960 hours in the 5 years proceeding your renewal, have graduated from a nursing program in the past 5 years, or complete a reentry program

    Additional Information and Links

    Oregon State Board of Nursing 

    17938 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd. 

    Portland, Oregon 97224-7012

    Phone: 971-673-0685

    Email: oregon.bn.info@state.or.us 

    Website: https://www.oregon.gov/OSBN/pages/index.aspx

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