• Pennsylvania Nursing License, Renewal and Verification Information

    Need to obtain your Pennsylvania nursing license? Below is a guide to obtaining a PA nursing license as well as helpful information on PA license verification and renewal. 

    Looking for assistance? Onward Healthcare’s dedicated licensure experts will walk you through the process so you can obtain your Pennsylvania nursing license hassle-free. Fill out the form to the right to get started. 

    How to Get Your Pennsylvania Nursing License

    The PA nursing license process can be complex and long. Below are some helpful tips to make the process less cumbersome. 

    • If you wish to acquire a PA nursing license via examination, you must meet the following requirements: earn an associate’s degree in nursing from an accredited program approved by PA Board of Nursing; pass the NLCEX exam; and apply for a temporary practice permit.
    • In addition, all first-time Pennsylvania nursing license applicants must complete three hours of DHS-approved training in child abuse recognition and reporting. This training can be completed either online or in person via an approved educator.
    • Pennsylvania provides temporary practice permits to those who are waiting to receive their license via endorsement.

    Pennsylvania Nursing License Renewal

    Need to renew your Pennsylvania nursing license? Here are some helpful tips to guide you.

    • To qualify for Pennsylvania nursing license renewal, RNs must complete 30 hours of CE approved by the PA Board of Nursing. This includes at least two hours in child abuse recognition and reporting. 

    PA License Verification

    If you’re an out-of-state RN applying for a PA nursing license via endorsement, you can go to Nursys.com. When on the site you can navigate to the Nursys Licensure Verification tab, an online service where you can request electronic verification of licensure.

    Additional Information and Links:

    Pennsylvania Board of Nursing

    State Board of Nursing

    P.O. Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649

    Phone: (717) 783-7142

    Website: http://www.dos.pa.gov/ProfessionalLicensing/BoardsCommissions/Nursing/Pages/default.aspx

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