• South Carolina Nursing License, Verification, and Renewal Facts

    Having trouble navigating the South Carolina nursing license process? 

    Below is information on how to get your South Carolina nursing license, as well as information about the South Carolina nursing licensure renewal and verification processes. 

    Need further assistance in getting your South Carolina nursing license? Fill out the form to get in contact with a licensure expert. 

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    How to Get Your South Carolina Nursing License

    Below is important information you need to know about getting your South Carolina nursing license:

    • South Carolina is a member of the Nurse License Compact; therefore, if you already have a multistate compact license you can practice in South Carolina
    • $90 fee for a South Carolina nursing license by examination
    • $100 fee for a South Carolina RN license by endorsement without a temporary license
    • $110 fee for a South Carolina nursing license by endorsement with temporary license
    • You can find South Carolina nursing license applications via the South Carolina Board of Nursing website

    South Carolina License Verification Facts

    You can check your South Carolina nursing license application status here

    You can also use licensure lookup to check the expiration date on your South Carolina nursing license. 

    South Carolina Nursing License Renewal Facts

    Need to renew your South Carolina nursing license? Below is what you need to know about South Carolina nursing license renewals:

    • Nursing license renewals are $75
    • South Carolina nursing licenses last two years
    • You can renew your South Carolina nursing license online or print out a paper renewal form
    • Licenses expire on April 30th
    • Continuing education requirements can be completed with 30 contact hours, verification of competency and number of hours practiced, maintenance or re-certification by national certifying body, or completion of an academic field of study related to nursing.

    Additional Information and Links

    South Carolina Board of Nursing

    110 Centerview Dr, Columbia, SC 29210

    Phone: (803) 896-4550

    Email: NURSEBOARD@llr.sc.gov 

    Website: http://www.llr.state.sc.us/pol/nursing/ 

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