Featured Travel Nursing Assignments

Find exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime nursing assignments with some of the nation’s top names in healthcare employment. Whether you’re seeking jobs with Kaiser Permanente in the West or NewYork-Presbyterian in the East — or any point in between — we’ve got you covered.

Exclusive Travel Nursing Assignments from Onward

We’re seeking professional registered nurses (RNs) in a variety of medical specialties to work exclusive nursing assignments with the prestigious hospitals and healthcare employers listed below. Bookmark this page and check back often for updates on featured nursing assignments in new locations, only from Onward Healthcare.  

Kaiser PermanenteKaiser

Nursing jobs are available throughout California and a few other states.
Kaiser Nursing Jobs

Penn State-HersheyPenn St

Academic and career opportunities abound at the Penn State-Hershey campus.
Hershey Nursing Jobs

Providence Health and ServicesProvidence Health

Providence offers premier nursing jobs throughout the West Coast (including Alaska and Montana).
Providence Nursing Jobs

OSU James Cancer HospitalOhio Summer Exclusive

Exclusive jobs at the prestigious OSU James Cancer Hospital.
OSU James Cancer Jobs


Search exclusive travel nursing jobs at PeaceHealth.
PeaceHealth Nursing Jobs

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