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Florida travel nursing job opportunities are expected to grow exponentially over the coming years as the state's population continues to expand. Even now, Florida is haven for healthcare workers. Below is an overview of what to expect when you accept a Florida nursing assignment with Onward Healthcare.

Florida Nursing Jobs

Skilled nurses are in high demand in the Sunshine State, where an aging and growing population is increasing the local need for professional healthcare workers. Florida hospitals and healthcare facilities of all types are continuously seeking dedicated registered nurses (RNs) to help fill staff shortages and fulfill other temporary needs.

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Why Work in Florida?

Florida Nursing JobsFlorida isn't called the "Sunshine State" for nothing! Its glorious year-round weather and cheerful attitude make the state a haven for both visitors and new residents year-round.

Rich in history and shaped by many diverse cultural influences — Native American, Spanish, French, Cuban and North American, just to name a few — Florida is far more than just great weather. Gorgeous beaches salsa music, and great theme parks also abound — this is the home of Disney World, after all.

Florida is also a cultural center, with its opulent past still very evident in the surviving Spanish mission architecture and stately plantations that go back to the Old South. Modern influences are also strongly evident in the towering, futuristic skylines of the state's major metropolises.

Every age demographic is amply represented in the Sunshine State. It is one of the nation's number one retirement destinations, as well as the winter break destination of thousands and thousands of college kids every year. With this high level of tourism and residency, the need for qualified nurses is always great.

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