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Illinois nursing jobs are abundant, and Onward Healthcare has the opportunities that can help take your RN career to the next level. Read on for an overview of what to expect when you accept an opportunity in the Land of Lincoln.

Illinois Nursing Jobs

Nursing jobs are available throughout Illinois, from the bustling big city of Chicago to the rural areas in the south and west of the state. Top-tier hospitals in Illinois are continually searching for dedicated registered nurses (RNs) to fill in during staff shortages and other vacancies.

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Why Travel to Illinois?

Nursing Jobs in IllinoisWhether you want to get your kicks on Route 66 or prefer a more urban scene, the state of Illinois has just the thing. Chicago provides visitors with plenty of cultural and athletic attractions and a sizzling nightlife. The rest of Illinois offers its own intriguing allure and distinctive charm, from the historic town of Galena to beautiful Lake Shelbyville, and many points in between.

Enjoy the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife & Fish Reserve. Take a ride on one of the famed riverboats of the Missouri River. As one of the nation's industrial and commercial centers, the state is overflowing with opportunities — and nursing jobs in Illinois are no exception. Nursing jobs in southern and central Illinois are always opening up, and as one of the nation's biggest cities, Chicago always has opportunities for nurses looking to work temporary assignments.

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No matter what nursing specialty you work in, Onward Healthcare can connect you with the Illinois nursing job that best meets your personal preferences and professional goals. Start your online nursing application to begin your Illinois nursing job search today!

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