Travel Nursing Jobs in North Carolina

As the state continues to attract new visitors and residents, the need to fill travel nursing jobs in North Carolina is also increasing. You can rely on Onward Healthcare to connect you with premium, exclusive RN jobs you won't find from other nursing employment agencies.

North Carolina Nursing Jobs

North Carolina nursing jobs are abundant, with top-tier medical facilities and hospitals throughout the Tar Heel State actively seeking dedicated, qualified registered nurses (RNs) to fill in for temporary assignments. Whether you're a traveler interested in working in NC or a local resident seeking new opportunities, Onward has NC RN job opportunities in a wide variety of practice settings.

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Why Work in North Carolina?

North Carolina Nursing JobsNo one is really sure why North Carolina is called the Tar Heel State, but there's one thing that's indisputable — people are migrating to this southern state in droves. With more than 1,500 lakes, 200 waterfalls and more paved miles of road than any other state, it's easy to see why.

North Carolina is also a state of firsts: the first flight from Kitty Hawk, the home of the first miniature golf course and the site of Babe Ruth's first homerun. All this diverse history, combined with a rapid population growth, makes for a very promising future for North Carolina. Cities such as Charlotte, Asheville and Raleigh are all basking in the glory of this newfound fame and further encouraging it by offering its residents and visitors world class dining, entertainment, sports, arts, theater and much more.

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Ready to Travel to North Carolina?

No matter what nursing specialty you work in, Onward Healthcare can connect you with the North Carolina nursing job that best suits your personal preferences, as well as your career goals. Start your online nursing application now and begin your NC nursing job search today!

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